Bio Energy Corporation
European Headquarters for distribution, coordination, shipping, support - Sandor Dezsi, CEO - e-mail

Dipl. Eng. Sandor Dezsi joined the company more than 15 years ago.  Besides his support in setting up the distribution in Europe, Sandor and I performed many experiments, especially those that have been performed to gain evidence of specific applications of life energy and its action at a distance, including experiments involving signal transmission machine-to-machine, Atlanta, USA, to Budapest, Hungary, without the need of human interface or amplification of signals, which made use of specific characteristics of life energy.  Mr Dezsi also helped us time and again with his scientific expertise when new devices were developed, including stabilization of some of the electronic parts.

Presently, Mr. Dezsi is teaching  my courses in Romania and Hungary, and he is involved in experimentation and scientific development of life energy technologies.  Whenever I am in Europe, he is organizing meetings with and seminars for persons who are benefitting from life energy technology or who are intending to do so. (EU related, many languages) (Hungarian) (Romanian)